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Terms & Conditions

1. Driver will be provided for wedding car rental.

2. Price inclusive of Petrol, parking and erp.

3. Will liaise car decor with your bridal gown shop on the night before the wedding if required.

4. Strictly for Groom & Bride use only. Excludes transportation of any items except Groom and Bride luggage and clothing when sending them to the hotel subject to space available in the boot.

5. 50% deposit upon booking confirmation can be accepted via Cash Payment / Fund Transfer / Cheque payable to JWCARS/ Paynow to UEN 53340293W.

6. Full payment upon booking confirmation can be accepted via online payment via Paypal, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

7. Paid amount / Deposit will not be refunded for any cancellation.

8. Only for Singapore Roads.

9. Viewing of car can be arranged at car owner’s place at no additional cost.

10.In the unlikely situation of a car breakdown, a replacement car will be arranged subject to availability.

Additional Charges

1. $50 transportation fee will be levied if couples wish to view the car at their convenient location.

2. $50 will be levied for early arrival at Groom’s place before 7am.

3. $50 will be levied for late ending at 12am

4. $50 will be levied for fetching Groom’s and/or Bride’s parents to Hotel after sending Groom and Bride to hotel. (One way only)

5. $50 will be levied for rental on public holidays and eves of public holidays.

6. $50/hr will be levied for extension.